Baby Safe Feeder

Baby Safe Feeder

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"My son, Sean, is a
preemie and has many feeding issues (no tongue control and very weak gag reflex).

We have used the Baby Safe Feeder and it has literally taken the worry
out of feeding time. I have recommended this baby feeder to other mothers in my support group. Thanks a bunch!"

Alyssa K., KY


                BABY SAFE FEEDER™

Invented, patented and marketed by a dad who almost lost
his baby due to choking on a teething biscuit...

A safe, fun and easy way to introduce fresh fruits, vegetables
and snacks of your choice without added salt, spices, sugar
or preservatives. No hinges, no clasps, no rough edges.
Fill with ice, frozen fruits or frozen juices and it is the perfect teether!

Mesh Feeder

Fresh Food
Mad in the USA