Baby Safe Feeder

Baby Safe Feeder

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With the

therapists can stop wrapping food in gauze for their patients to practice those chewing skills. Pretzel rods, cold juicy melons, crisp apples, hard candy, etc. allows your loved one to experience a variety of textures

oral motor skills!

Encourages self feeding!

Relieves teething pain!

No hinges, clasps or rough edges!

Top rack dishwasher safe!

Great for traveling!

100% Made in USA!

NO BPA, PVC, Latex or Phthalates!

Mommy Approved!


Recommended by many doctors, speech and occupational therapists

The BABY SAFE FEEDER™ was invented to prevent babies from choking. However, doctors, speech and occupational therapists have recommended it for their patients, both young and old who have disabilities associated with speech, chewing or swallowing.

If a child/adult has difficulty sucking, chewing or swallowing because of muscle tone or developmental delays the BABY SAFE FEEDER™ lets them practice those skills without the risk of choking. Different textures, tastes and temperatures can be introduced as well as nutritional wholesome foods, not empty calorie foods. The BABY SAFE FEEDER™ gives the user control and a feeling of independence.

Testimonials Below:

"My husband, Phillip, who is a close friend of the inventor of the Baby Safe Feeder had a massive stroke and was in the hospital for a month. The Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist and the Speech Therapist were working with him everyday. The ST reported to the doctor that Phillip did not pass the swallow test. After several days of testing, the doctor was ready to schedule a surgery to insert a feeding tube into Phillip's stomach. I asked the doctor how much longer the surgery could be delayed because he was at a higher risk for surgery being on a blood thinner. The doctor said maybe 4 or 5 days. The inventor's wife, Margaret, gave me a Baby Safe Feeder and told me to have Phillip use it as much as possible."

"I helped Phillip hold the feeder. The feeder was used intensely for 4 days. On the 5th day the Speech Therapist gave Phillip another swallow test. She could see some improvement. She asked what exercises he had been doing. I told her he did the growl and blowing air through a straw a little, but mostly used the Baby Safe Feeder. She asked what we did. I sat him up at a 90° angle and put hard candy in the feeder, he sucked on it for about 20 minutes. I let him rest about an hour then I put an ice cube in the bag. About an hour later I repeated with the candy then the ice. I did that about fives times the first day. The next few days I gave him frozen juice, melon, cold carrot and hard candy and alternated this throughout the day. The therapist said keep doing what you're doing with that device. She said he was using muscles to improve his swallowing and he was not aspirating the food into his lungs."

"After a few months of working with Phillip I firmly believe that the Baby Safe Feeder prevented my husband from needing a feeding tube. Thank you for inventing the Baby Safe Feeder."

Elizabeth J., FL

"My daughter, Megan, is 2 years old and has Cerebral palsy with a strong gag reflex. Mealtime is frustrating and worrisome because she can choke very easily. Megan doesn't get enough food at one meal so we do four or five mini meals a day."

"My sister, Lori, bought the Baby Safe Feeder for Megan to try. I was very excited to use the mesh feeder with Megan. Cold watermelon was my first choice to try. It was a little drippy but she got most of it. I stayed with fruits and cooked vegetables for a few weeks, then meat, cereal and scrambled eggs, etc."

"About 4 months later Megan had a check up with her doctor and she gained 3 1/2 pounds. Her doctor was very pleased that she gained weight. He asked if I was doing anything different and I told him about the Baby Safe Feeder and how the mesh bag let her chew and swallow her food when she was ready to do so. Megan's doctor recommended that she continue using the feeder. Now feeding time is a lot less stressful, I'm so grateful to the inventor of the Baby Safe Feeder."

Amy F., MD

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