Baby Safe Feeder

Baby Safe Feeder

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Fill with ice or frozen
fruits and it becomes
the perfect teether!

Teaches baby to chew!

Prevents risk of choking!

Relieves teething pain!

Great for traveling!


Solid foods are no longer a choking hazard. The patented BABY SAFE FEEDER™ allows you to feed your baby fresh foods of your choice. Just fill the mesh bag with a cold crisp carrot, ice, cold or frozen fruit and it can help relieve their teething discomfort eliminating the use of pain-relieving medicines.

Without molars to chew food properly, choking can happen any time that you are feeding your baby solid food. Our mesh bag feeder helps with the transition from sucking to chewing while reducing the high risk of choking. As your baby gets older you can introduce them to a wider variety of foods. Check with your pediatrician for age appropriate foods for your loved one. The older your baby is and the more teeth he or she has, the more foods you can put into the mesh feeder (see food chart link on Q&A page). Never leave a child unattended when eating or drinking.  DO NOT put food into the feeder until it is time to feed your baby. Remember Food Spoils. Always check bag before each use.  At first sign of wear discard the bag and use a new replacement bag.

It is not a pacifier or a toy. When your baby is finished, take the baby feeder away and follow washing instructions on the Q&A page. 

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