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The Original Baby Safe Feeder™

Baby Safe Feeder™ is a family owned product for babies 5 months and older, designed to take the worry out of feeding your baby solid foods. Our product consists of a specially made closely woven mesh bag with a twist off top. It allows your little one to eat whole foods, meats, veggies, and fresh fruits of your choice without the fear of them choking on stems, skins or seeds. If your child enjoys pears, peaches, grapes, melons, apples or any other fruits, they’ll really love them inside a Baby Safe Feeder™. Once your baby tastes those pure, naturally sweet juices from their favorite fruit or veggie they’ll always want more.


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Easy As 1 2 3

baby safe feeder step 1
Drop in bag.
baby safe feeder step 2
Insert food.
baby safe feeder step 3
Screw tight.

Easy As
1 2 3

baby safe feeder step 1
Drop in bag.
baby safe feeder step 2
Insert food.
baby safe feeder step 3
Screw tight.

Benefits of Using Baby Safe Feeder™

  • A safe way to feed your baby!

  • Develops oral motor skills!

  • Encourages self feedings!

  • Perfect baby shower gift!

  • Great for traveling!

  • Mommy Approved!

  • Establishes independence!

  • Healthier than a plastic/rubber teething toy!

Easy to use and CLEAN!

Baby Safe Feeder™ is easy to clean by rinsing with warm water or light soap and is also dishwasher safe. Our product is a safe, fun and easy way to introduce fresh fruits, vegetables and snacks of your choice without added salt, spices, sugar or preservatives. There are no hinges, clasps, or rough edges, perfectly designed for your baby. Is your baby teething or will start soon? Try filling the Baby Safe Feeder™ with ice, frozen fruits or frozen juices and it’ll turn into the tastiest solution for those sensitive gums!

Safely Feed Your Baby Fresh Foods Without The Fear Of Choking

  • “My son, Sean, is a preemie and has many feeding issues (no tongue control and very weak gag reflex). We have used the Baby Safe Feeder and it has literally taken the worry out of feeding time. I have recommended this baby feeder to other mothers in my support group. Thanks a bunch!”

    — Alyssa K.

  • “Over Memorial Day weekend we gave our 7 month old grandson his first taste of watermelon in his Baby Safe Feeder and he absolutely loved it. You could hear him from the other side of the kitchen just sucking and chewing on it. He loves eating different foods using his feeder and we love giving it to him.”

    — Susan H.

  • “I recently bought a Baby Safe Feeder for my sister’s baby shower. I so hope her little one loves it when she is old enough for solids.”

    — Jessie G.

baby holding baby safe feeder

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